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[ETS2]Single trailers from Trailer Mod Pack v3.2

INFO Its some single trailers form Trailer Mod Pack v3.2 After add mod scroll time in the game to new trailers appears.  Mod should work with other mods on the trailer, but does not guarantee it. Mod tested and working on v1.8.2.5, 1.9.XX and

[ETS2]Deleted trailers by SCS

INFO Mod deletes trailers by SCS. Mod working on all versions of game. Author: satan19990 Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link (with and authors! Do not

[ETS2] Flare Pack for all Trucks and Trailers

Flare Pack for all Trucks and Trailers DOWNLOAD Credits to Unkown, Urheber bitte Eintragen lassen.

[LS15][MP] Krampe SB3060 with clutch v3.0

Zitat : Here I have the original KrampeSB3060 trailer. What has changed: he now has an extended rear section with additional coupling with normal trailer coupling and coupling ball. So you can all trailer Hitch. Otherwise everything is the sam

MB 1843 Koffer - Tandem & Jumbo Trailers

MB 1843 Tandem & Jumbo Trailers DOWNLOAD

Game crash bei Millano

******** : log created on : Sunday June 05 2011 @ 13:18:34 13:18:34 : [sys] running on x86 / Windows 7 (version 6.1) / 13:18:34 : [sys] DirectX version : 13:18:34 : [cpu] AuthenticAMD [AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor] at

[ETS2] Phisycs for Trucks and Trailers

I know there is the guy who make physics for trucks but it's and my friend make this since game was out, he drive Scania in real life, and i just support him in game... After two weeks, we came up in u might try

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