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Online diary

this is private stuff. I don't know why I do that.

online, diary, this, private, stuff, don't, know, #that

What the hell am I doing?

Just some stories I wrote about a character that doesn't exist.

what, hell, doing?, just, some, stories, wrote, about, character, #that, doesn't, exist

Tell me the story ...

... how you have become the legend that you are now

tell, story, have, become, legend, #that

Longi Itineris

A impossible journey is only a journey that you never begin.

longi, itineris, impossible, journey, only, #that, never, begin

Dark Souls- The fight for a free world

In a world that is drowning in despair, blood and darkness, which side will you choose?Darkness and light. The endless war. Heaven, Hell and Earth. Will you fight?

dark, souls-, fight, free, world, #that, drowning, despair, blood, darkness, which, side, choose?darkness, light, endless, heaven, hell

Tell me the story...

. . . how you have become the legend that you are now - Schreibe deine eigene Geschichte in der Welt von Aderos und zeige den Göttern das du einer Legende würdig bist!

fantasy, anime, manga, legend

Radiation Completed

In a world that isn't worth it anymore, what are you willing to pay?

radiation, completed, ende, future, wesen, zukunft, science, fiction, kämpfen, stärke, überleben

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