noob´s guild

Wächter Ancarias - Gaming Clan

Die Wächter Ancarias Grüßen Dich!

sacred, #guild, wars, aion, community, clan, diablo, gaming


Das Forum der Morturio gaming community

gilde, deutsch, mortal, online, like, deutsche, mortalonline, german, #guild, community, mmorpg, wars, dayz, multi, gaming


Powerhouse Guild Forum

powerhouse, #guild, forum

Brüder der Gerechtigkeit [BDG]

Brüder der Gerechtigkeit [BDG] - Eine Guild Wars 2 Gilde

brüder, gerechtigkeit, [bdg], eine, #guild, wars, gilde

Last Hope

Home of Last Hope, Alliance Guild playing The Burning Crusade

last, hope, forum, wow-, gilde, gladiation, #guild, corecraft, allianz, alliance, burning, crusade

The Bouncers

GW1 Guild League professionals Pretty cool individuals (most importantly Wachtel)

bouncers, guild league, cool, individuals, (most, importantly, wachtel)

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